Thank you for your interest in contributing to Komiser! Komiser is an open-source inventory platform that helps developers build their cloud asset inventory and provide detailed cost analysis at the resource level.


This document outlines the process to become a contributor and eventually a maintainer for Komiser.

Becoming a Contributor

Contributors are those who contribute to the development of Komiser by submitting pull requests for bug fixes, features, and improvements. Here are the steps to become a contributor:

  1. Fork the Repository: The first step is to fork the Komiser repository to your GitHub account. This will allow you to make changes without affecting the original project.
  2. Clone the Forked Repository: After forking, clone the repository to your local machine. This will allow you to work on the project locally.
  3. Understand the Project Structure: Before you start making changes, it's important to understand the project structure. Familiarize yourself with the codebase, coding standards, and guidelines. You can always reach out to the maintainers or the community if you have any questions. We’ve also hands-on tutorials to help you get started:

How to contribute to Komiser

How to contribute to the Komiser dashboard

  1. Make Changes: Once you understand the project structure, you can start making changes. Be sure to create a new branch for each change you want to make. See here for naming conventions.
  2. Test Your Changes: After making your changes, test them thoroughly to ensure that they work as expected and don't introduce new bugs.
  3. Submit a Pull Request: Once you've tested your changes, you can submit a pull request (PR). Make sure to provide a detailed description of your changes so the maintainers can understand what you've done.
  4. If it takes longer than expected to get feedback from the maintainers, head over to the Discord Server and ping a Tailwarden staff member either in the #general or #feedback channel, unless you are a member of the private contributor channel. You can always request access to this channel.

Becoming a Maintainer

Maintainers are contributors who have shown a consistent commitment to improving and maintaining the Komiser project. They have write access to the project's repository and help to review and merge pull requests, among other responsibilities. Here are the steps to become a maintainer:

  1. Become a Regular Contributor: Before becoming a maintainer, you need to be a regular contributor to the project (at least 5 substantial pull requests). This allows you to gain a deep understanding of the codebase and the community's expectations.
  2. Express Interest: If you're interested in becoming a maintainer, reach out to the current maintainers expressing your interest. They will provide guidance on the next steps.